If you’re in need of male waxing in Kings Langley or the surrounding areas visit Cocoon Face & Body.  While striving to make your waxing treatment as comfortable as possible, I create an experience that complies with the highest standards of the beauty industry. Only high-quality hot and strip wax is used, with single use applicators and absolutely NO double dipping into my pots!

For all other male treatments, please visit the appropriate treatment page.

Pre-wax preparation is carried out if necessary, post waxing calming oil is applied to clean the waxed area, followed by warm towel to soothe and calm, finished with an application of hydrating cream.


Full Back   $52 | 30min

Upper Arm + Back   $62 | 30min

Half Arm + Hand   $39 | 30min

Full Arm + Hand   $56 | 45min

Shoulder Upper + Neck   $22 | 15min

Chest   $52 | 30min

Ears   $15 | 15min

Eyebrow   $20 | 15min