If you are looking for a defining eyelash lift in Kings Langley then look no further! I am a highly trained and experienced Lash Lift expert that can enhance your lashes for up to 8* weeks with one simple appointment. Book your Lash Lift in today so you can enjoy beautifully lifted natural lashes that open your eyes, combined with a complimentary Lash Tint for ultimate definition.

What is an eyelash lift?

Lash Lifts have been around for longer than you would think. An advancement on the old fashioned “Lash Perm” treatment, it raises your natural lashes while accentuating into a luxurious lifted and curled lash. The quick 60min treatment sees your natural lashes carefully adhered to a silicone rode with a water-soluble glue, placing lashes in their new positing before gently applying the lifting lotion. This lotion breaks down the naturally occurring disulphide bonds of the hair, allowing them to be set into a new “lifted” position. The lifting lotion requires a short processing time, which it is then removed and replaced with a setting lotion designed to lock the natural bonds and PH back into the lash “setting” them into their new, beautiful position. Lifting the natural lashes from the root only, creating a subtle, yet beautiful curve.

What are the benefits?

  • Enhances your natural eyelash, no extensions needed  

  • You won’t need your eyelash curler or heated clamp anymore

  • Makes your morning make-up routine faster

  • Low maintenance 

  • Non-invasive 

  • Affordable 

  • Glamorous 

  • Opens the eyes

  • Gives you a fresher, younger look

  • Defines and curls straight lashes

  • Enhances longevity of lash tints

  • Enhances the lash without the need for mascara 

  • Perfect for holidays, pre-event or every day

  • Great for people sensitive to make-up

  • Safe, hygienic treatment 

  • Lasts for 6-8 weeks (depending on your natural lash and growth cycle)

*Lash Lift results vary from subtle to dramatic depending on each individual and technical factors.

  45min | $98 

Lash Lift, non-invasive, pain-free way to brighten and enhance your eyes naturally. Using ONLY your natural eyelashes it lifts and defines, delivering a sumptuous lash lift that is retained, even after a shower or swimming, giving the illusion of longer lashes without the need for extensions. Each Lash Lift includes a complimentary eyelash tint to enhance the Lash Lift results. Say good-bye to your lash curler and hello to naturally curled lashes. Perfect for those who are active in sports, pre-holiday, pre-party season, or people sensitive to make-up.


Natural look lasts up to 6-8 weeks.