Products I use…….I have complete confidence in the products I use and recommend. With 15 years experience experimenting and using multiple skincare ranges, I have chosen to work with BABOR and Janssen for the following reasons – 

  • They instantly provide real results with both personal use and in salon treatments.

  • The formulas are scientifically proven to deliver results.

  • They successfully treat a range of skin conditions such as acne, dehydration, pigmentation, sun damage, rosacea, ageing, tired, sensitive, scaring, oily, combination, lines and wrinkles.

  • The formulas use multiple, highly effective active ingredients.



With a product philosophy based on a holistic and natural approach, BABOR have over 50 years experience in the beauty industry as a pioneer in professional skincare. Using years of extensive research and scientific testing, BABOR’s formulas are based on innovative active ingredients, designed to deliver maximum individual results. Combined with their exclusive treatment methods, I am able to provide my clients with outstanding results and a uniquely indulgent experience. Clients who use their premium skin and body care products achieve a lasting, healthy skin tone. Book your appointment today to experience ultimate satisfaction.


Janssen Cosmetics

A multi-award winning cosmeceutical brand with over 30 years of experience in the beauty industry, with a focus on improving the skin profile. Being one of the first companies to launch a range of skincare products known as cosmeceuticals, a combination of pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, the upmost care is taken in selecting ingredients, producing some of the highest grade skincare today. Cosmeceuticals do not only treat the surface of the skin but also help penetrate deep down in the skin. With a wide range of cosmeceuticals, each series is optimally tailored to a specific skin type, achieving both visible and measurable results. Clients see an immediate and long-term improvement in their skin. 



Clinical studies have shown that EyEnvy helps improve the length and density of your own natural lashes, and over 96% of users were excited to see an improved appearance of their eyelashes and eyebrows in only 4 weeks. The combination of vitamins and strengthening peptides creates an impressive formula that enhances both your eyelashes and eyebrows. I personally have seen the results with my own lashes and my clients cannot get enough of it! Why not try it for yourself?